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lacey simcha 92914We adopted Lacey on July 7, 2014.  I found her on, the same way I found Sammy. She was with a Toledo rescue called Dog Works of Ohio. At about age two Lacey went to live with her first (or probably second) family where she stayed for four years until they started a family. They found her incompatible with the small children and returned her to Dog Works in accord with the adoption contract.  At age six, she could have been unadoptable.  I saw her picture and copied the page as I searched for a new dog that would look just like Sammy.  After searching through 565 black labs within 500 miles of Ann Arbor, I kept going back to the picture of Lacey.  Ernie and I contacted her foster home and went to meet her and her foster mother at the Walgreen parking lot by Cabela’s in Dundee Michigan.  She got out of the car and came toward us eager to meet new people; her gentle personality won us over right away.  We spent some time with her and took her home that day.

Lacey looks a little like Sammy: thick black coat, bushy tail, frosted nose, and warm brown eyes, and she weighs the same – about 46 lbs.  Her tail curls over her back like a Chow’s and her tongue is a mix of blue and pink. A DNA test showed her to be one quarter Chow, one quarter Collie, one quarter Old English Sheepdog, and one quarter  very mixed grandfather on her mother’s side.  Lacey is very playful and has tremendous energy; she loves to walk, loves people, and other dogs.  She is very unlike Sammy in that she does not gobble her food and doesn’t seem to mind being left alone. She is not crazy about riding in the car, so I don’t take her places like I did with Sammy.  Her preferred way to play with other dogs she meets is very “rough and tumble.”  She does not like toys and does not chase balls.  In this way she is like Sammy. She will never be an obedience or agility dog. Although quite smart she sees no point in repeatedly responding to commands; once she performs a command, like a right finish, she lies down at your feet and looks bored.  To see how she plays SEE THE VIDEO BELOW in which Lacey is playing with Simcha and his owner Marilyn Preston.