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Me with Lacey on left and Madison on right


Ernest Kurtz was my husband and the author of six books including Not God: A History of Alcoholics Anonymous, The Spirituality of Imperfection: Storytelling and the Search for Meaning (with Katherine Kettcham), Shame and Guilt, The Collected Ernie Kurtz, and AA: The Story, and Experiencing Spirituality (with Katherine Ketcham).  See Ernie’s new book at  Ernie died on Jan. 19, 2015. See his memorial page.

first and favorite

Sammy was our dog and the subject of my memoir: Training Sammy. This picture of him was taken by a professional photographer, Nina Hauser, in 2006. We never  knew how old Sammy was, but he must have been about 13 when he died. We got him on Thanksgiving Day 2004 from a rescue group called Animal Rescue Connection headed by Sharon Carlisle and Chuck Krapf.  Sammy died on May 27, 2014 from liver failure. His owners were heartbroken. See his memorial page.


Since Ernie passed away, my family includes  a Chow-Collie mix named Lacey (left),  and a Chow-Lab mix named Madison (right)..

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  6. Chuck Parkhurst permalink

    Linda, as we have exchanged email, I feel as if I know you already. Thank you for all of your service. Prayers, blessings and my deepest sympathies go out to you for your loss and the loss to the world of recovery and humankind.

    Chuck Parkhurst

  7. nina hauser permalink

    i found you by accident through Google and was very touched to read all your postings about your husband and you and Sammy……..are you still in Ann Arbor? I would love to get together some time……..
    Be well,

  8. (emily) Jean McFadden permalink

    I love your website, especially the tribute to Ernie. I am drooling over your garden, and want your advice when you come to visit on how I can get that look in my sprawling yard.

  9. I just read William Moyers 2006 memoir Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption written with Katharine Ketcham. After three relapses, Moyers realized that he had to return to St Paul MN where the recovery groups were so numerous he would be surrounded by them. He thought he could not maintain his sobriety without them. The book is a well-written story and vividly portrays how a person can be caught in the grip of drugs seemingly due to an inherited or genetic propensity for alteration in the brain. He searches for the inner pain that he thinks is the cause, but it seems clear that he has simply succumbed to the irresistible demand by his brain for the sensation of being high.

    Another book I read recently is Debra Erickson Jay’s It Takes a Family. Her clearly written explanation of addiction and the method she describes for structured family intervention with the affected member also relies on the availability of recovery groups like Al-Anon, AA, and NA.

  10. Jean Thanks for your comment.

  11. Linda what a touching story. …. I love people’s stories and I love dogs…….thanks for sharing

  12. Sharon: Thanks for checking in. It should be ready this fall, but I’ll let you know more exactly when I know. Would you like to see the table of contents? Linda

  13. Hello Linda, Thank you for the update on your new book on recovery groups. Please keep me posted when it is available for purchase. Sharon

  14. jean mcfadden permalink

    I love the picture of sammy. I’ll try to reach you from my other email.

  15. Hi Sharon: I am revising a new manuscript of a book to be published by Oxford University Press in the fall. It will be an update of the old material plus some new and focused on mental health and addiction. Main title: Recovery Groups. I hope it will be really cheap too! I’ll keep you posted. It won’t be out in time for fall semester, but hopefully winter. Thanks so much for getting in touch. Linda

  16. Sharon Monday permalink

    Dear Linda, I love your website and your interests are very similar to mine. I am teaching a course on self help and support groups at the University of IL (have for 17 years) and use your handbook for practitioners as part of my required texts. I wanted to know if you have an updated version or if the 1997 edition is the most recent. Also, let me know if there are any other publications you would recommend adding to update the info in your book. Thank you. Sharon Monday

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